Mission Statement

The mission of the International Studies Program is to endow students with knowledge of international studies as a discipline and with the skills necessary to become effective global citizens. The Departments of Communication, Economics and Geography, English, History, Philosophy, Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology and Anthropology, and World Languages cooperatively provide students with an interdisciplinary curriculum that captures the wide-ranging historical, political, geographical, economic, social, and cultural forces at play in an increasingly interdependent world. A required study abroad component ensures that students experience the world they study and cultures other than their own.

Student Learning Outcomes

UNF International Studies graduates will be able to:
  Communication Skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate program-specific knowledge, both verbally and in writing.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language at the intermediate level.
      Content Discipline Knowledge/Skills
  • Demonstrate structural knowledge of the international system, including: roles and structures of state, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental actors; the system’s historical evolution; and prevailing political, economic, social, and geographic debates about the system.
      Critical Thinking Skills
  • Employ the discipline's theories, approaches, and/or methods in order to examine and understand past, present, and/or possible future international interactions and to analyze the effects of conflict and cooperation in historical, political, geographical, economic, social, and/or cultural international interactions.

    Assessment Approaches

    The International Studies Program will utilize direct and indirect measures to assess student mastery of the defined learning outcomes. The principal approach will be a reflective essay, in which students consider their own success in achieving the content outcomes, with the essays themselves serving as samples of students' abilities to write and think critically.

    Career Opportunities

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