Graduate Academic Learning Compacts

Year: 2007-2008
College: Arts and Sciences
Department: English
Major: English

Mission Statement:

Focusing on the analysis and appreciation of literary texts, UNF's Master's Program in English provides students the opportunity to develop their analytic, interpretative, and writing abilities; offers English teachers the chance to explore new pedagogical strategies; gives aspiring writers opportunities to develop; and helps prepare students who intend to pursue the Ph.D. in English.
Student Learning Outcomes:


1. Content/Disciplinary Knowledge and Skills: (a) Examine how literary conventions establish reading expectations and protocols. (b) Examine the methodological steps different theoretical approaches entail to interpretation.


2. Analytic and Interpretive Skills: (a) Inventory a text's formal elements. (b) Develop an interpretive analysis accounting for a text's combination of patterns and countervailing patterns.


3. Research Skills: (a) Assemble discipline-specific bibliographical resources (library-based and electronic) such as items from MLA Bibliography. (b) select appropriate critical and theoretical approaches currently practiced in the fields of literary and cultural criticism.


4. Written Communication Skills: (a) Display a firm grasp of advanced compositional and rhetorical procedures by writing prose that is clear and felicitous. (b) Integrate critical and theoretical methodologies into the students' own critical approach. (c) Clarify the issue at stake in the argument.

Curriculum Map:

Assessment Approaches:

Using the "Primary Assessment Trait Analysis" as its evaluation tool, graduate faculty assessed 17 essays completed between Summer 07 and Spring 08.