Graduate Academic Learning Compacts

Year: 2007-2008
College: Arts and Sciences
Department: Psychology
Major: General Psychology

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Masters of Arts in General Psychology program is to maintain the highest standards of graduate education in the field of general psychology by: (a) maintaining excellence in teaching, (b) offering innovative academic opportunities both within the classroom and in the community, (c) instilling the ethical standards of the profession, and (d) offering research, applied, and other professional opportunities to students through a dedicated faculty. Moreover, our goal is to instill in our students the knowledge, values, and skills that are required of an educated and responsible citizen in our global and multicultural society. The highest personal, professional, and academic accountability is expected of both the faculty and students in the MAGP program.
Student Learning Outcomes:


MAGP students will communicate effectively in a written format.


MAGP students will communicate effectively in an oral format.


MAGP students will demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for either further academic advancement or employment at the masters level in psychology-related fields.


MAGP students will be provided with a rational transparent process for completion of their thesis project.

Curriculum Map:

Assessment Approaches:

A capstone experience consisting of a masters thesis and oral defense is required of every student. The psychology faculty uses this experience as a basis for assessing the degree to which program objectives have been met.