Mission Statement

UNF graduates from the B.A.E program in Middle School Education will be exposed to disciplinary and interdisciplinary science and mathematics content as well as inquiry-based pedagogy. The program will provide the appropriate knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to design experiences in curriculum, instruction and evaluation of ten-to-fourteen year old students in both mathematics and science. The core learning objectives of the Middle School Education program (Math/Science) conform to current standards for teacher preparation at the national (National Science Teachers Association and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and state (Subject Matter Content Standards for Florida Teachers and Florida Educator Accomplished Practices) levels.

Student Learning Outcomes

UNF Math/Science Option graduates will be able to:
  Communication Skills
  • Creates authentic tasks using technology tools and recognizes the need for learner-centered environment.
  • Communicates and cooperates with families, colleagues, and other school personnel to improve students’ learning experiences.
  • Communicate knowledge of subject matter in a manner that enables students to learn.
      Content Discipline Knowledge/Skills
  • Recognize applications of significant learning theories.
  • Identify essential teaching strategies that can be employed in all instructional contexts.
  • Employ traditional and alternative assessment strategies in determining student mastery of specific outcomes.
  • Works to continue the development of her/his own background in instructional methodology, learning theories, second language acquisition theories, trends and subject matter.
  • Uses the materials and technologies of the subject field in developing learning activities (experiences) for students.
      Critical Thinking Skills
  • Develops, selects, and implements learning experiences, strategies, and materials that foster critical, creative, and higher order thinking skills.
  • Helps students develop concepts through a variety of methods.

    Assessment Approaches

    UNF graduates of the B.A.E program in Middle School Education (Math/Science) will demonstrate mastery of content knowledge and teaching skills through proficiency on course embedded assessments, activities, and critical task assessments in core, major, and clinical experiences at a proficiency level expected of a teacher candidate. It is expected that teacher candidates apply knowledge throughout the program by demonstrating understanding, competence, and effective implementation. Assessment strategies include: 1) assignments and formal assessments to demonstrate knowledge, skills and dispositions as described by NCATE program standards, 2) successful completion of critical tasks, 3) class discussions, reflections and critiques which provide a dynamic forum for developing ideas and demonstrating knowledge, and 4) analysis of teaching performances in field experiences and methods courses.

    Career Opportunities

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