Graduate Academic Learning Compacts

Year: 2007-2008
College: Education and Human Services
Department: Foundations & Secondary Educ
Major: Secondary Education
Concentration: Adult Learning

Mission Statement:

The mission of the adult learning track is to prepare individuals who are expert in specific content areas to acquire a deeper understanding and expertise in their content area as well as in the teaching and learning process of adults. In addition to specific content knowledge and professional pedagogcial skills and knowledge, faculty will identify, analyze, formulate and evaluate the role of the adult educator in the lifelong learning process.
Student Learning Outcomes:


Candidates understand educational research methodologies and can interpret educational studies.


Candidates recognize important educational learning theories and understand their impact on teaching and learning.


Candidates value diversity in teaching and learning.


Candidates know historical and contemporary curriculum paradigms and contributing theorists.


Candidates identify advanced models of instruction and are able to incorporate components of the models in practice.

Curriculum Map:

Assessment Approaches:

The adult learning track assesses the achievement of students' outcomes in a culminating experience that exists in EDG 6626, Curriculum and Instruction for Adult Learning. In this course students' attainment of the outcomes is measured through written examinations, class presentations, and the evaluation of written products.