Mission Statement

The mission of the University of North Florida's Bachelor in Health Administration program (BHA) program is to provide students a sound foundation in the values, knowledge and skills necessary for entry level administrative and management positions in the various organizations that make up the health services industry in northeast Florida. Coursework and field experiences are also designed to encourage faculty and student contribution to the community through service and research activities.

Student Learning Outcomes

UNF graduates will be able to:
  Communication Skills
  • Students acquire the necessary written and oral communication skills to perform effectively in an internship setting and in an entry level position in the health administration field.
      Content Discipline Knowledge/Skills
  • Students are able to apply basic concepts of business, law, finance, organizational behavior, and management theory to the administration of health services. Students will be able to integrate knowledge and practice.
      Critical Thinking Skills
  • Students utilize appropriate problem solving skills, outcome measurements, and methods for process improvement in completion of assigned internship projects. Student performance using critical thinking skills in the internship setting is a predictor of performance in an entry level position in the field of health administration.

    Assessment Approaches

    Direct and indirect measures of student learning will be used to assess achievement of the identified student learning outcomes. Direct measures such as job placement rates, pass rates on relevant state and national exams, and evaluations by internship preceptors will be augmented by indirect assessment measures such as alumni surveys, student perception surveys, employer feedback, and acceptance rates into graduate and professional programs.

    Career Opportunities

    For information on the many career options available to Health Administration majors, go to What Can You Do with a Health Administration Major at: http://www.unf.edu/dept/cdc/majors/healthadministration.html

    For More Information

    To learn more about the UNF Department of Public Health and majoring in Health Administration, go to: http://www.unf.edu/brooks/public-health/bshadmin.html